We Revolutionize Risk Rating Services

Open, Fair, and Just

Since its establishment in 2017, FVOR and its team of invited international rating experts has developed a new rating methodology. Our quantitatively-based rating methodology greatly increases fairness and consistency. Converging fintech and risk rating, we are able to deliver ratings to a vast range of rating targets. Headquartered in Hong Kong, FVOR leverages its comprehensive compliance and legal framework. We always maintain our core principle to be "Open, Fair, and Just" in mind.


Fast 、transparent 、dynamic and cost effective professional risk RATINGS

FV Open Ratings has successfully integrated modern analytics concepts into traditional ratings.We have established a highly quantitatively driven rating framework integrating new data technologies and analytics techniques which include market movement and other data elements traditionally not considered in the rating process, while continuing to appropriately incorporate the views and insights of industry experts in order to deliver the best in class service to our clients.