Rating Process

There are 9 Steps
in our Ratings Process
1.Rating Origination: The rating process begins a rating request from the issuers, their agency or representatives (the client). After discussion between FV Open Ratings client engagement team and the client, mutual understanding is developed and both sides wish to continue. FV Open Ratings and the client sign the contract.
2.Analytical Team Formation: FV Open Ratings assigns a lead analyst or analyst team to the client.
3.Information Gathering: Analyst collects public information and requests the client to provide relevant financial and non-financial information. Analyst reviews relevant information on the issuer or obligation.
4.Management Meeting: Analyst interacts with the client to review and discuss information, including but not limited to their prior rating, credit strengths and weaknesses, and trends in their industries.
5.Algorithmic Rating Analysis: Analyst evaluates information and generate algorithmic rating according to FV Open Ratings methodology. Then the initial rating along with supporting material will be presented to Rating committee.
6.Rating Committee: Rating Committee reviews the algorithmic rating and qualitative factors to reach an agreement of the final rating.
7.Client Presentation: The lead analyst generally presents rating decision to the client before publication. In so doing, the lead analyst explains the rationale for the credit rating and the key factors which the rating committee considered in arriving at its opinion. Through this, the lead analyst checks the accuracy of the information.
8.Rating Dissemination: FV Open Ratings Disseminates public ratings through our website free of charge.
9.Rating Monitoring: The rating process involves active, ongoing dialogue between the client and FV Open Ratings. Once published, FV Open Ratings are continuously monitored and updated through regular and/or trigger review.