About US

The FV Open Ratings research team was established in 2017 and we have one goal in mind, to provide a new generation of credit ratings in an open. manner - FV Open Ratings brings together international rating experts to conduct researth and developed A new generation of transparent, fast and accurate rating methodology for corporates,bonds and sovereigns that is quantitatively based,greatly increase fairness and consistency while allowing the service to deliver ratings to be provided to a wide range of rating targets

We published the first white paper “Review of Moody’s Sovereign Rating Methodology From a Market Angle and Suggestions for Future Rating Methodology” in the Chinese “Economic Journal” and began to investigate the feasibility of establishing an Asian rating agency in Hong Kong.

FV Open Ratings was officially incorporated in Hong Kong in 2018, and the SFC license 10 was granted by Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission in Jan 2020. Leveraging Hong Kong‘s comprehensive compliance and legal framework, we always maintain our principles to be “open fair and just” in mind, from creating our shareholding structure and management team to every other task that FV Open Ratings carries out.

Starting with an AI generated professional risk ratings:

for corporates to reduce rating report turnaround time from months to days, and then apply real time rating monitoring with transparent rating methodology.

Serve the entire investment community:

institutional/corporate investors,analysts,and retail investors.

Service delivery channels for today business needs include:

pre-rating reports and full rating reports,indices,monitoring and alert services for both institution and retail investors,credit engine subsciption,etc.


To be the rating agency that Asia can trust

The FV Open Ratings framework takes into account the characteristics of different types of markets, for example distinguishing mature countries and regions from developing ones, which can well reflect the uniqueness of these different types of markets.


To provide the most transparent rating that markets can trust

Compared with traditional rating agencies that rely more on analysts’ subjective judgments, the FV Open Ratings framework pays more attention to objective quantitative models. As a result, the rating framework is driven by objective information, increasing stability, transparency, and impartiality as well as providing faster responses to market changes.


To deploy state of art technology and drive traditional rating methodology forward

The FV Open Ratings framework employs an effective quantitative model which incorporates the maximum range of relevant risk factors into its rating analysis.


In line with the mature development of financial technology, we have adopted intelligent and automated systems. Through a professional hierarchical evaluation framework model, coupled with comprehensive market data, experts from different regions participate in the review to achieve more accurate and cost-effective rating results.

The purpose is to provide services such as pre-rating, corporate monitoring, and risk / default warning for companies, investors, institutional investors, and markets, and to provide subscription users with reasonable prices to achieve a wider usage, as well as to change the service orientation from one led by bond issuers to an investor-led rating business.

Never forget the original intention of the first rating nearly a hundred years ago, to build a “risk moat” for investors, and to bring rating into the inclusive financing market to truly achieve the goal of "inclusive economy, inclusive financing".

Current market issue Effect on market FV Solution
Expensive risk management systems lacking full automation thus expensive operating and support costs Only the most affluent banks can afford a proper risk management system FV has created our own risk automation system to apply modern analytic methods at low cost
High level risk management expertise in the market is scarce Greatly affects a company’s risk management efficiency FV experienced risk management team and processes can in-source the work
Lack of data and data automation Companies are assessing risk with partial data FV is an official partner with CCB (Chinese Credit Bureau) and the only partner have an automated data link to their risk management system
Investment index and monitoring not available to the market Bond or fixed income funds follow very loose investment strategies that are often misleading FV is partnered of Capital Watch and has created the first bond index for Chinese-listed companies
Retail investors cannot access investment risk information in timely fashion Level of risk could be much higher than what the investor is seeking FV is developing a revolutionary investment risk system to allow the individual investor to customize their key information required and obtain the information in real time manner