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Distribution of Credit Ratings

There are different ratings that can be distributed to
the public, specific target users, or private internal
management use.

They are distributed where applicable, on the following basis


Pre-Rating: A private rating :

distributed via a secure website for distribution to up to 75 named third-parties.


Public ratings (issuer/issue):

distributed via our websites and various news media, for issuers of publicly rated securities or private loan transactions of any size.


Confidential ratings (generally issuer level):

not distributed. Applicable for use by entities seeking an internal benchmark.

Who Uses Credit Ratings?



· Optimize the cost of funding
· Expand the pool of investors and available capital
· Lengthen the terms of financing
· Diversify funding sources



· Benchmark the relative credit risk of different debt issues
· Set the initial pricing for individual debt issues they structure
· Determine the interest rate issuer will pay
· Package assets into securities or structured finance instruments to market to investors



· A third-party opinion of credit quality
· A basis for comparison across asset classes, geographies, and peers
· Information and metrics to make informed decisions, such as supplementing their
  own credit analysis or establishing thresholds for credit risk and investment guideline