Who will benefits

Fintech for data analytics and risk management solutions for all types of investors and credit providers


BAHFF Decision engine

Fully GUI Risk management engine with easy connection to market data + our rating engine


SME/Mid-cap Rating

Given the nature of our quantitative process there is now finally a fair and open rating solution for SME and Mid Cap


Risk management consultation

Best practice and process consultant for rating, risk management, pricing and other related activities. Professional training for the above products, service and industrial best practice


Indices and quantitative strategy

Various indices and quantitative strategy can be easily created, implement and monitor in our AI enable decision sytem


Risk management systems

FV Open Ratings credit risk decision system taps into a set of policies, rules, performance scores, and other factors vital to the credit decision, which are optimized and tailored to the client’s risk appetite, business requirements, and workflow. As discussed earlier, these decision factors can be deployed into the automated credit risk decision system.


Risk Alert System

FV Analytics Early Alert and Reporting Module FV’s Alert and Report modules incorporate a universal Business Intelligence (BI) tool. BI is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to make informed business decisions