China Data

Effective use of any data system starts with the appropriate data. FV Analytics has partnered with a strong and legitimate data sources in Greater China 「Guangzhou Civil Financial Street Credit Data Technology Ltd」 to ensure proper and effective use of data. Our system is highly customizable to cater for the individual customer’s needs; for example, a client may like to incorporate their own operation or finance data into the risk management process and our data sources connectors can be fully customized to connect to the data required.

About GuangZhou Civil Financial Street Credit Data Technology Ltd.

In June 2020, it was officially renamed as Guangzhou Civil Financial Street Credit Data Technology Co, Ltd. (formerly known as Guangzhou Folk Financial Street Credit Report Co,Ltd.), was established in August 2014, It is a corporate recruitment sponsored by local governme nts and sponsored by many international credit bureaus and data service providers

Mechanism of data collection and how it works

Key highlights and benefits to the customers


Consistent view, process for credit approval.


You capture all the customer's data and never make human mistalke to analyze the data.


All the data that you want to monitor is fed automatically to the system and there is no need for a manual process.


The reports are available in real time online, while the necessary criteria are checked based on your preferred frequency while the needed information is sent to the required department for further action.